Queen Bee Instrumental Insemination Device, and Microscope Set





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This instrumental insemination device set includes all you need to get started with a controlled breeding program at a good price. The device is based on the Schley model, more indepth documentation of the device and process may be found here.

1. Product Name: Queen Bee Artificial Insemination Instrument

2. Material: Stainless Steel

3. Syringe: acrylic material 100μl micro injector

4. Syringe needle outer diameter: 0.3mm

5. Syringe needle inner diameter: 0.17mm

6. Microscope: 7X-45x Binocular Continuous Zoom (Comes with upgraded set)

7. Eyepiece: 10X

8. Objective Lense: 0.7X-4.5X Continuous

9. Working Distance: 10cm

10. Work Table Size: 25.5*20*2.2cm