Hive Management

Are you looking for bees on your land, for AG or pollination, and professional hive maintenance within the Central Texas area? Well, then you will be pleased to know your search ends here!

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Keep bees without becoming a beekeeper

With years of experience under our belt, Royal Jelly Bee Company provides reliable and detail-oriented hive management and pollination services throughout the greater Austin and Central Texas areas. We perform frequent hive visits and thorough inspections to keep the bees happy, healthy, and well populated!

We go the extra mile to make sure that your bees are in good hands.

Our bee hive management service has been carefully developed to:

  • Assist local land owners seeking to qualify for AG exemption on their property.
  • Increase crop yield on farms and homesteads through bee pollination.
  • Boost local bee population in your area, boost native life!

We’ll maintain the hive so you don’t have to worry about stings. Keeping the bees happy and healthy!

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