Adventures in keeping Honey Bees!

Royal Jelly Music-Playlist

Just threw together a little Royal Jelly Music-Playlist to highlight our recent adventures and development. You can listen for free here! [8tracks width=”400″ height=”400″ playops=”none” url=”″] Royal Jelly from Deciduous Foliage on 8tracks Radio. (On mobile, you may have to pause and then play again to get audio!) #playlist #music #beekeeping #beek #madeinheights #londongrammar #florenceandthemachine…

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Mid-Week Update

Hey there, We’re halfway through the week, and I can’t wait until this weekend’s inspection! I am very curious to see what our hive will have accomplished. Here’s the Mid-Week Update! It’s been a very wet week, since the evening of our last inspection there has been possibility of rain. With lots of rain Monday-Thursday.…

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