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It’s Almost Spring 2021

Hey there, This is Landon with Royal Jelly Bee Co.! Spring is finally almost here, the arctic blast has passed and things are finally picking back up! I’ve been making rounds the past 2 weeks and checking on all of our colonies, accessing losses from the weather, and setting up our colonies for success early…

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Spring Gift Card Giveaway!

Find the post to enter here! We’re celebrating the arrival of Spring with a $25 Amazon gift card *GIVEAWAY*! Enter for a chance to win by following these simple steps: 1. Like our Facebook Page: Royal Jelly Bee Co. 2. Comment below stating “I support local beekeepers!” to confirm your entry! This giveaway will run from…

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Big change coming!

It’s been awhile, and we made it through the Winter here in South-Central Texas! I’m excited to announce that big beekeeping opportunities have started to show themselves! I’ve been hard at work learning as much as possible, in order to make the most of these prospects. Thus-far, Royal Jelly Bee Co. has been a creative…

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Royal Jelly Music-Playlist

Just threw together a little Royal Jelly Music-Playlist to highlight our recent adventures and development. You can listen for free here! [8tracks width=”400″ height=”400″ playops=”none” url=”″] Royal Jelly from Deciduous Foliage on 8tracks Radio. (On mobile, you may have to pause and then play again to get audio!) #playlist #music #beekeeping #beek #madeinheights #londongrammar #florenceandthemachine…

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Mid-Week Update

Hey there, We’re halfway through the week, and I can’t wait until this weekend’s inspection! I am very curious to see what our hive will have accomplished. Here’s the Mid-Week Update! It’s been a very wet week, since the evening of our last inspection there has been possibility of rain. With lots of rain Monday-Thursday.…

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