We're Royal Jelly Bee Company!


What do we do?

Royal Jelly Bee Co. is an Austin, Tx based beekeeping company seeking to produce 100% sustainable, ethical, and chemical free beekeeping products and hive management services to our local community throughout Central Texas.

We work with landowners to setup and maintain hives on their property without having to be beekeepers themselves, we help other beekeepers in the area looking to get started with beekeeping on their own, and we produce specialty beekeeping products, produced sustainably.

Our ethos

We pride ourselves on prioritizing long-term bee health over the production of consumable, and other, bee products. By implementing sustainable practices throughout our operation, we’re able to maintain a strong and diverse network of hives throughout Central Texas, helping to preserve localized bee genetics & work to propagate healthier bees for the future.

We are committed to sustainable beekeeping & prioritize long-term bee health.

How do we do this?

We provide our services by working with local beekeepers, land owners, and members of our local community – producing healthy bee colonies, managing hives throughout Central Texas, and relocating wild local bees safely from residential areas and urban environments. At Royal Jelly Bee Co., our bee products and services sustainably sourced as part of our regular maintenance routine and breeding program.

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Why choose us?

Are you wondering why you should choose Royal Jelly Bee Co. for your beekeeping and hive management needs?

Here is why we should be your first choice:

100% natural approach

Through natural approaches, we hope to combat dangerous side effects of chemical treatments on bees and crops such as heavy reliance on pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides. This continues to negatively impact the ability of bees, pollinators, and the planet to adapt.

High-quality services

We believe in only sourcing for products from healthy hives. We aim for zero waste by making the absolute most of the resources harvested. Our products are handled with as much respect as we have for our bees, and we will not disadvantage a colony for material gain!

Pollinator awareness

Our work with bees is centered around sustainability. Being able to work with and give back to nature is what keeps us going, learning, and growing. These ethics also apply to our approach to hive management and production of bee products. As well as investing in supporting native species of pollinators to preserve their natural habitats!


We strive to maintain disease-free and non-aggressive colonies by planning and maintaining our hives with safety in mind for people and animals near our bees. From the ground up, our goal is long term safety and health of our colonies and those around them.
You will have peace of mind knowing that we care about bees and the planet as much as you!