We are beekeepers based in Austin, Texas.

At Royal Jelly Bee Company, we focus on sustainable, ethical beekeeping practices that benefit our local community in Central Texas. We work with landowners to set up and maintain hives on their property, without the need for them to be beekeepers themselves. We also help other beekeepers in the area who are looking to get started with beekeeping. In addition to these services, we also produce specialty products made sustainably for you!
The Royal Jelly Bee Company was created out of a love and respect for bees and honey. We are committed to sustainable beekeeping practices, which means that the health of our bees is always our top priority, over the production of other bee-based products. Our sustainable practices help us maintain healthy and diverse hives throughout Central Texas, preserving localized bee genetics while helping to propagate healthier bees for the future.

What makes Royal Jelly Bee Company the perfect choice for you?


By taking a natural approach to beekeeping, we hope to reduce the potential dangers of chemical treatments on bees and crops. Excessive reliance on pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides can have negative impacts on bees, pollinators, and the planet. By using more natural methods, we can help bees adapt and thrive.

Quality Service

Our high-quality beekeeping service is something to be proud of. We use nature and science as our guides, with compassion as our compass, in order to provide the best care for our bees. Our colonies are healthy and strong, and we harvest their honey without compromising their well-being.


At our company, we’re passionate about sustainability. So we teamed up with bees! We want to learn, grow and give back by helping the environment. Our approach is centered around sustainable hive management. We also aim to help native species of pollinators thrive in their natural habitats.


Our top priority is the safety of our bees and the people and animals near them. We take great care in planning and maintaining our hives to ensure that they are disease-free and non-aggressive. By following safety guidelines from the ground up, we can maintain healthy, safe colonies for years to come.

Our Services

Looking for help getting started in beekeeping? We offer a variety of services, including hive setup and management, onsite tutoring and mentorship programs, and quality hive inspections. Our ultimate goal is to help make your beekeeping dreams a reality, so we’re here to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible!