Sustainable beekeeping, and healthier bees

Royal Jelly Bee Co. prioritizes bee health before the production of consumable products. We do this by working with local beekeepers, land owners, and our local community – producing healthy bee colonies, managing hives throughout Central Texas, and rescuing local bees safely from residential areas and urban environments. At Royal Jelly Bee Co. our bee products and services are to be sustainably sourced as part of our bee-centered hive management and breeding program.

Our Mission

To aid in the conservation and propagation of healthy bees. We work with local beekeepers, land owners, and people within our community. This is done by producing healthy colonies, offering on-site hive management services for agricultural exemptions and pollination services, and safely relocating bees from residential areas. While doing this, we seek to raise ecological awareness and further expand our impact through education and participation in the scientific community.

Our Vision

Long term, we aim to advance our bee breeding program and assist in research to find solutions for problems such as colony collapse, Varroa mite infestation, bacterial and fungus infections, solutions aiding bees in coping with climate change, among many other issues that bees are faced with.


Through natural approaches, we hope to combat dangerous side effects of chemical treatments on bees and crops such as heavy reliance on pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides. This continues to negatively impact the ability of bees, pollinators, and the planet to adapt.


Only sourcing produce from healthy hives. We aim for zero waste, making the absolute most of the resources harvested. Our products will be handled with as much respect as we have for our bees, and we will not disadvantage a colony for our gain.


A big part of our motivation to be beekeepers is centered around sustainability. Being able to work with and give back to nature is what keeps us going, learning, and growing. This also applies to our approach to hive management and production of bee products, keeping bees sustainably.


We strive to maintain disease-free and non-aggressive colonies by planning and maintaining our hives with safety in mind for people and animals near our bees. From the ground up, our goal is long term safety and health of our colonies and those around them.

Products and Services

Royal Jelly Bee Co. offers products and services enabling beekeepers and bees. We aim to provide good value to our customers from start to finish!

  • Our Nucleus Colonies (Nucs), available for pickup only in Central Texas, are perfect for beginner beekeepers looking to expand their yards. With our Nucs, you get 5 frame Langstroth deep frames with the box. They are a great way to build up strong colonies quickly.
  • Hive Management services are available in Central Texas. The service is ideal for those looking to qualify for AG exemptions on their property taxes, farmers looking for pollination services to increase yields, or homeowners interested in backyard bees.
  • Bee Removal services are available in Central Texas. We do not exterminate. We only take jobs where we feel confident in 100% safe removal for the bees and people in the vicinity. We always do our best to find a solution whether we can provide removal or get you connecting with someone who can! We’ll provide you with a free consultation, please include pictures!
  • Our Online Shop is here to provide you with a wide variety of products at good prices! From beekeeping equipment, garden supplies, apparel, and more, we’ve got you covered. Check out our best sellers below!